E-commerce is growing in these categories – How many SKUs should you sell online – Stores closing

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According to Quartz, these are the fastest-growing categories in e-commerce .

According to Will mcKitterick, a retail industry analyst, the high growth rate in men’s clothing sales is likely due to the fact that the online menswear market is not yet saturated.

growth in online sales

How many SKUs should you sell online?

How many SKUs does Costco sell online? 8,000 products. It is 1,500 more than the previous year. If Costco is selling this number of products, should you sell more or less?

Closing Stores

As e-commerce increasingly grabs a larger share of retail sales, several major retailers are reducing their physical presence, including department stores and specialty retailers such as clothing stores, bookstores and electronics outlets. Some retailers saw sales reduced due to strategic mistakes or consolidation through mergers and still others due to over-expansion. According to Dorothy Lakner, managing director at Topeka Capital Markets, “The new ideal store count for a U.S. national chain [of clothing retailers] is 600 to 700 stores.”

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