ecommerce needs physical stores to thrive

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Ecommerce and small stores go together, that is what is happening. Remember when ecommerce just started to have an impact in our lives, and everybody was thinking that physical stores would be closing everywhere?

Well… apparently that is no longer the reality and this is what will happen or is already happening.

These are good articles on the subject, to read if you are interested. They explain why stores, in a small format, are the current trend for ecommerce.

1. Shoppers like in-store pickup so they can save in shipping costs

Shoppers like in-store pickup, because they can save in shipping costs. 70% of users use buy online, pick-up in store services. This is from a survey made in the US.

It is still tough for retailers to do a good work on that area. Yes, it is complicated because it requires an amazing sync between ERP systems and ecommerce, and that is not an easy task. By the way, did you know that Best Buy Canada guarantees orders placed online will be ready for in-store pickup within 20 minutes?

2. Futureshop is already joining physical store + ecommerce?

In a previous article, we shared about Futureshop opening small-format stores in Canada.

3. IKEA Canada will open more stores

Ikea Canada plans to open 10 smaller stores across Canada in 2015. These stores would cover about 37,000 square feet, about one-10th the size of a full-size Ikea.

Most of the space in the new stores would be for storage and, unlike a full-size Ikea Canada, will function as “pick-up” stores sporting counters from which Ikea associates would retrieve items for customers who order product online.

4 Macy’s CEO and his prediction for ecommerce

Macy’s CEO says that by 2020 any major company that only sells online today will have bricks-and-mortar stores. He refers to eyeglass company Warby Parker that already decided to open stores.

Macy’s is cited by analysts as a leader in omnichannel retailing.

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